cloudHQ making sure that things are safe and sound  

cloudHQ is something new for me, and it is exactly the platform I would make for myself if I had unlimited time!

It can move files from one platform to another automatically so that you don’t have to worry about stuff being stuck in one place. While even this is an awesome proposition - it goes a step further… It converts files from one format into another, so the files in their destination are useful.

I have the following setup:

  1. Backup Evernote to Dropbox
  2. Backup Google Photos (Google Drive) to AWS S3
  3. Backup Google Photos (Google Drive) to Dropbox
  4. Backup Gmail to AWS S3

Some of the items can be done manually (such as backed up manually using Google Takeout others I don’t think there is any other way to do, such as Evernote backup (and conversion to PDF).

My eventual move from Evernote #

I feel like it is inevitable that I will move away from Evernote at some point, and until now, I was nervous to because the data is pretty much stuck in their platform. Now, since all my data is backed up, I am confident I can move to something else… and yet I have no real alternative yet.

Doesn’t IFTTT do this? #

Well, yes, kind of, not really… while IFTTT does do some data migration the reason I won’t work for me is:

  1. Small file transfer limits (around 50mb)
  2. Doesn’t backup historical data
  3. What causes an “applet” to run is limited
  4. You can often get data in, but not data out (for example with Evernote)

What I would like to see #

I would love cloudHQ to add BackblazeB2, but this integration is not around yet, and while they haven’t mentioned anything about it yet, I hope it comes at some point. As well as B2, SFTP/FTP would be very helpful too, while I don’t expect it to be added, some other unsupported tools do support FTP which is a decent workaround.

Google Cloud is another large rapidly improving platform for low-cost backup, and I think it would be another good edition.


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