How to clean up your menu bar items

Bartender cleans up your mac’s menu bar by allowing you to hide and show menu bar items easily and quickly.

Most macs I have seen have an enormous amount of menubar items for different applications running at any one time. This adds a lot of clutter to the top of the screen and generally looks messy. In my menubar, most of the items aren’t needed all that much, but I can’t delete them, because when they are needed, having them easily accessible is important.

Take for example my normal menu bar:
Before Bartender

Having many items in the menubar also creates the problem of not being able to access menu bar items; this happens if the list of items extends past the drop down menus of the open application. You can see this in my example screenshot below:

Overlapping menu bar items

The solution to this problem is a nifty application and it does one thing and one thing only - it cleans up the menu bar. It’s called Bartender, and it allows you to move menu bar items to a second menu bar, which you can then view by clicking on the Bartender icon.

This is my menu bar after Bartender:
With Bartender Turned on

And using Bartender after clicking its icon:
Bartender Clicked

Bartender is a bit pricey at $15 USD (only available on the developer’s website). Personally, I believe it is worth the price considering how many things I have in my menu bar.


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