Lastpass vs 1Password

Lastpass and 1Password are two of the most successful and probably the best password managers. They both have some very unique features to offer, which means either of them is a good choice for password manager.

Firstly, I think it’s important to quickly touch on why password managers are important. Here are the basic reasons:

Time and Stress Savings

Back when I didn’t use a password manager I am sure I used to waste at least a few minutes a day trying to remember passwords, or if I thought I would be clever and use a different password for that particular site I would probably have to reset the password. Having a password manager is just generally a time and stress saver. I constantly cringe when I am standing behind someone at my office, waiting while they try password after password - trying to remember the password.

Security (I shouldn’t need to mention this one!)

If you have been reading any sort of news recently you would be aware of major websites being hacked on a regular basic, including most recently Kickstarter. When these breaches occur, passwords are never fully revealed because they are never stored, but a hashed version of the password is. This hash, with a little bit of time, can be cracked fairly easily if it is a simple password. Password managers allow you to generate really secure passwords such as “FpWt2@jge7iJ4JeaP8&” which are essentially uncrackable.

To be clear, I use both 1Password and Lastpass - but I would consider myself more of a Lastpass user. Why? A few simple reasons, including:

  1. I often use other peoples computers at work and really need to be able to quickly and easily access my passwords from any computer quickly, and without needing to download special software onto that computer and then gain access to my data through dropbox, etc. (which is how 1Password works)
  2. I love the auto-login feature. It means I can automatically log into sites that I use on a regular basis. This saves me a extra few clicks, a few times a day, and I really like it!
  3. It has 2 factor authentication. I love and use Authy as my 2 factor authentication client and I am happy that it definitely add that extra layer of security.
  4. It is very secure, even though it is a hosted solution. If you are interested in the nuts and bolts you can check out Steve Gibson’s almost 2 hour long video where he goes into a lot of detail.

I still think 1Password is an good choice if you don’t switch computers much. 1Password does have iCloud and Dropbox sync, but I still had things going missing between my iPhone, Macbook and iMac.

Ultimately, using any password manager is better than not using one. So don’t let deciding between password managers stop you from using one.


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