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Using PopClip to get the most out of your Mac

For those of you who haven’t used PopClip yet, it is a truly amazing tool that makes something as simple as a mouse click so much more powerful, engaging and ultimately useful.

It gives you a whole bunch of tools that appear when you highlight text. For example if I highlight a URL I can do the following:

  1. Open the link in my default browser - which for me is of course Chrome.
  2. Cut.
  3. Copy.
  4. Paste.
  5. Add to Fantastical.
  6. Run through a link shortener - I use
  7. Compose email using that text.
  8. Add link to Pocket.
  9. Add Link to Pinboard.
  10. Create note in Evernote.
  11. Lookup the IP for that URL.
  12. Google with words selected.

While some of these functions, such as the cut, copy and paste options can be completed using a keyboard shortcut - I find having access to these other functions super useful.

I only use a fraction of the different extensions that are available and if you can think of it...

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Lastpass vs 1Password

Lastpass and 1Password are two of the most successful and probably the best password managers. They both have some very unique features to offer, which means either of them is a good choice for password manager.

Firstly, I think it’s important to quickly touch on why password managers are important. Here are the basic reasons:

Time and Stress Savings

Back when I didn’t use a password manager I am sure I used to waste at least a few minutes a day trying to remember passwords, or if I thought I would be clever and use a different password for that particular site I would probably have to reset the password. Having a password manager is just generally a time and stress saver. I constantly cringe when I am standing behind someone at my office, waiting while they try password after password - trying to remember the password.

Security (I shouldn’t need to mention this one!)

If you have...

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PDF Suite Free PDF Converter

Being able to convert documents to PDF on the fly is something I don’t do all that much, but when I want to do it, I really need to. Up until now, I have used a semi-complex process of using different apps to do the conversions.

Now, I am using PDF Suite on the app store Free for 48 hours. It is a simple app with a fair few features, but to be honest I don’t think I will use anything in the app apart from the convert to PDF option.

The interface is clean it has a decent, but not amazing UI.

PDF Suite Screenshot

Happy PDFing!

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